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Who We Are

Quality Assurance

Since our launch in 1957, we have always aimed to provide high-quality and safe poultry products that taste great. We achieve this with the professional support of our teams (from the farms to our points of sales), who monitor, verify, and test the products.

The quality department is accountable for monitoring all control points throughout the production process from the live birds receiving step, passing by the different broiler transformations phases (in both primary and further processing departments), to the ultimate stages where we get a final product.  In addition to the production monitoring tasks, we are responsible for controlling many parameters related to pre requisite programs, including cleaning, cold storage, distribution, and water treatment...

We routinely sample products, and conduct tests to assess the safety, hygiene and cleanliness of our items, personnel, and equipment.

The quality and laboratory departments must maintain a high level of coordination, as they form the scientific brain that should work in harmony with many sectors, so that every plan would be perfectly applied, and every data rightly interpreted.

In 2007 we became the first Lebanese poultry company to get ISO 22000:2005 certification. This is an international food safety standard issued by the International Standardization Organization and Codex Alimentarius. The ISO certification is testament to the exemplary level of quality and safety at Hawa Chicken.  

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