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Who We Are

Our Factory

At Hawa, our eggs are incubated and hatched in a sanitized environment at one of our hatcheries in Safra or Edde.
Our farms are located in Akkar, Bechtoudar, Rechdebbine, Cheryeta, Zebdine, and Edde. Hawa takes special care of each chick to ensure it grows well. Our agriculture engineers work to ensure the best conditions for our flocks. We have also created a fully automated vaccination and biosecurity system to promote optimal health.

Hawa Chicken has strict separation among farms helps to prevent diseases and successfully keep our flocks safe from infection and maintain high bio-security standards.

Broiler Farms
At our broiler farms, chickens are raised exclusively for meat production. Hawa Chicken's broiler farms are located throughout Lebanon, with the main site in Akkar. We also raise the parent stock, which produce the fertilized eggs that will be used for chicken production.

Hawa Chicken is keen to support Lebanese agriculture. This is why we have partnered with local farmers in a community enriching chicken-raising initiative. We supply the farmers with birds, feed, technical expertise, and veterinary services that ensure they meet our high standards while empowering them with a livelihood. This partnership has helped boost the economic development of rural areas all over Lebanon.

Commercial Layer Farms
At Hawa Chicken's layer farms, hens are raised solely for commercial egg production. For optimal hygiene the feed, water distribution, air supply, and egg collection are mechanically automated. This means that the only time employees go near the flock is for quality-assurance and safety testing.
Feed Mills
Our feed mill is located in Safra and uses the latest manufacturing technology. We manufacture our feed using a corn-soybean mixture with other grains. We do not use growth hormones, animal by-products or antibiotics. Our feed is free from germs and toxins and meets international quality standards.
Primary Processing
Our processing and production plant is located in Safra. Hawa Chicken respects local culture, expectations and communities. This is why our plant is regularly inspected by the Minister of Agriculture and Health and by the Islamic Council to ensure that our products meet food safety and Halal processing standards.
Further Processing
To provide you with the best products, Hawa Chicken's Processing Department was established as a separate entity in 1997. Because of this unwavering dedication to quality, we became the first poultry company in Lebanon to have an ISO 22000 certified processing plant. Over twenty delectable items are processed at this plant. Our processed products range from tender marinated fresh poultry to delicious ready-to-eat meals. We use the latest technology and our ever-growing experience to give you superior and safe products. We care about the authenticity and quality of each item and so we purchase all the extra ingredients and seasonings from all over the world.
Sales Distribution
As the largest poultry production company in Lebanon, we serve customers in all Lebanese territories. Safety and quality are our highest priorities. Our stringent processes make sure our vans are cleaned and disinfected daily and that the temperature is monitored by both the driver and the quality department. We also conduct random product testing to guarantee our products maintain their high quality during distribution.
Egg Reconditioning
The eggs reconditioning department receives eggs from Hawa farms. Quality inspectors use swabbing and air testing to verify the absence of pathogens. The laboratory department tests the microbiological profile of the eggs in addition to egg grading.

After being sorted, the eggs are cleaned to meet LIBNOR requirements. The eggs are then packed, labeled and then delivered via isolated vans. We use a traceability system so that we can always locate and track our eggs.
The warehousing department receives, stores, and delivers products. We use a FIFO system and temperature-controlled buildings to confirm that each product is stored correctly.
Point Of Sales
We have sales locations everywhere in Lebanon. They serve fresh and cooked poultry, fresh eggs, sandwiches, and platters.

All of our products are delivered directly from processing plant, packed, and served to our clients.
To protect your health and safety, we:
  • - Routinely clean and disinfect our equipment
  • - Always provide clean and protective clothing for all personnel
  • - Only allow authorized personnel to enter the kitchen

Our Laboratory Department uses a variety of ultra modern techniques,from the molecular to the macro level, throughout the entire production process. This means peace of mind from our farms to your fork. 

The department was launched at the beginning of 1996, making us a pioneer in the field of poultry-diseases-diagnosis in the region. We were the first to create an integrated poultry laboratory in the Middle East. From this lab we conduct hundreds of tests that cover: Bacteriology, Virology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, and Chemistry. These tests are used to monitor animal tissue, blood, DNA samples, food, feed, and the environment. This lets us detect poultry and human pathogens 
with high accuracy. By taking such precautionary measures we protect your health and safety.

Working with field engineers and quality inspectors, the Laboratory Department grant strict verification processes at different levels of the production chain. These meticulous processes include the inspection of our high quality grains fed, our health-monitored birds, and everything right up to the point of sale. From the day they hatch, all of our birds and their offspring are monitored through routine testing. This ensures that only healthy poultry reaches your table.

Our centralized management is located in Safra and ensures high standards of professionalism across all levels of our organization. We believe that the company's growth depends on the growth of every single employee (from the processing plant to top management).

The Human Resources team cultivates loyal employees who can meet our goals and objectives. The Auditing team assists with assessing, budgeting, and forecasting sales purchases. The Information Technology team makes sure we have the newest technology and equipment to provide quality poultry.
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