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Our Laboratory Department uses a variety of ultra modern techniques,from the molecular to the macro level, throughout the entire production process. This means peace of mind from our farms to your fork. 

The department was launched at the beginning of 1996, making us a pioneer in the field of poultry-diseases-diagnosis in the region. We were the first to create an integrated poultry laboratory in the Middle East. From this lab we conduct hundreds of tests that cover: Bacteriology, Virology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, and Chemistry. These tests are used to monitor animal tissue, blood, DNA samples, food, feed, and the environment. This lets us detect poultry and human pathogens 
with high accuracy. By taking such precautionary measures we protect your health and safety.

Working with field engineers and quality inspectors, the Laboratory Department grant strict verification processes at different levels of the production chain. These meticulous processes include the inspection of our high quality grains fed, our health-monitored birds, and everything right up to the point of sale. From the day they hatch, all of our birds and their offspring are monitored through routine testing. This ensures that only healthy poultry reaches your table.

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